Speech about the history of performance in Romania

  • Performance-ul în România: istorie și discurs actual
  • 👩 - Magda Radu
  • 🕖 - Wednesday, 16th may 2018, 19:00
  • 🏛 - Salonul de Proiecte, Bucharest

The first term used to describe a performance in 70s Romania was action.
Another used word was performanță (the romanian translation for performance, though the english version is mostly used now).

  • Alexandru Antik - Visul n-a Pierit (The Dream didn't Die) - 1986 - in the basement of Sibiu's Pharmacy Museum (other info)
  • A description by Octav Grigorescu of Antik's Visul n-a pierit is present at the History of Museum.

Before '89 Lia Perjovschi was performing at home, in front of her husband who was the sole spectator.

The event had a full room and lasted for about 2 hours.